About Us

The Young Changemakers Conclave was founded in 2011 as a platform to enable young India to engage with leaders from the field of politics, media, technology, social activism and the arts. Till date we have hosted 100+ speakers including world leaders, young politicians, thinkers, inventors and entrepreneurs. 15,000 selected changemakers have attended so far.

2018 onwards, the platform has evolved to explore how to creatively address systemic challenges such as unemployment, resource depletion, over population, human rights violation, lack of access to quality health care and education to ensure India’s next billion people are able to lead a quality life. Technology and enterprise are important enablers for which one require’s re-imaging not only the solution but the problem itself in the context of modern times.

X Billion Action builds new age social movements that transform human behavior, enable systemic change and leverage emerging technologies.



Co-President - Organising Committee and
Managing Director, X-Billion Labs

Listed by Forbes as one of Asia’s most influential under 30 year olds, Samyak leads X Billion Labs – an eco system of impact enterprises. Through his unique ability to align different stakeholders such as governments, private sector & grassroot organizations – he is building future relevant businesses in areas such as employability, agriculture, population control, healthcare and rural development. He is currently developing a skilling model to enable India’s youth to remain professionally relevant in a digital economy (Skills Lab), an information access platform for rural Indian youth (Netpar – Tech Lab) and a behavior change model to positively influence people’s choices (Action Lab). In the past, he has founded some of the country’s pioneering youth platforms such as Operation Black Dot, The Indian International Model U.N, The Green Batti Project, Youthportal.in, UN Young Changemakers Conclave & Nimaya Foundation which have collectively engaged a million + young citizens.

Hanna Stromgren

Co-President - Organising Committee

A Swedish national, Hanna has lived and worked in Mumbai for five years. After finishing up her degree in International Politics and Economics at Brown University, she was recruited for a full-time strategy role within The Mahindra Group. Since then, she has worked as a consultant across a wide range of sectors, making her way from the corporate space to the startup world, enabling brands to excel and grow. Today, she works as an independent consultant, not only to build brands but also to connect them to the world around them. Hanna is also the founder of WAC, or Women About Community—a community of women who value authenticity, empathy & genuine connection. The members of WAC represent a diverse group of 1700+ women between the age 25-40, including founders, creators and change makers from a wide cross-section of industries who support building meaningful connections, foster relationships, and sharing of contacts and knowledge. WAC came about because of Hanna’s belief that there is a lack of platforms that give women the confidence to speak up, and her personal passion to spread awareness of mental health issues in India.