About us

The Young Changemakers Conclave (YCC) was founded in 2011 as a platform for students, entrepreneurs and development sector professionals to engage with eminent leaders. Till date YCC has hosted 50+ speakers including Members of Parliament, Bollywood Stars, Cabinet Ministers, Chief Ministers, Inventors, Sportspersons, Development Sector Leaders, New Age Activists and Entrepreneurs. Over 18,000 Young Indians have participated as delegates.

2018 onward, YCC embarks on a journey to discover the new frontiers of enabling social impact through enterprise and innovation. Institutional and systemic issues such as climate change, depleting natural resources, unemployability, healthcare and education require new age solutions which adapt to the complexities of the current age. Our vision is to not only discover but also provide a platform to such ideas and 21st century changemakers to transform their ideas into a scalable reality. Through our conclaves, action projects & policy initiatives, we intend to re-imagine the what and how of creating positive impact. Parallelly, YCC will also spread its network to tier 1 and 2 cities to connect with aspiring millennials & their ideas for transforming India.

The Young Changemakers Conclave is a not-for-profit initiative by X Billion Action Lab, an enterprise that builds movements. We move people, policy and institutions to enable systemic changes in areas that impact the quality of human life. The crux of any successful movement is to transform human behavior. Action Lab leverages big data to influence choices and actions. We reimagine policies and complex processes to enable an environment for change to thrive in this new age.